The Story

The Cycling Sutras

So let me tell you about the story behind ”The Cycling Sutras” …

 During my studies as a yoga teacher and while continuing my practice and teaching afterwards … diving into the yoga philosophy changed a lot my perspective on things … and helped me observe more my own life patterns, good and bad ones.

 Mostly it showed me more of the unsorted ‘’mind-stuff’’ I had to work with rather than giving me peace and serenity as a lot of people expect while taking a yoga class for the first time: “inner peace while sitting on lotus, smiling’’. This constant practice actually doesn’t stop while stepping out of the mat or the class… then it’s the time it actually begins.

 Sometimes holding on to an asana (posture) and endure the physical adjustment and discomfort is less painful than facing all the ‘’life flaws’’, the mentally and emotionally fixing needs to be done, when the practice becomes more internal. After this first step has been taken … Pandora’s box opens for good! Lot’s of things a practitioner didn’t sign up for, come to the surface … I had no clue where to begin with sorting out my ”mental closet” 🙂

  I still remember that winter day beginning of February 2015 that I felt my glass filled up with it’s last drop. I was sitting on a train coming back home from a busy day. I closed my eyes and took a big breath. And felt how beautiful that is … a small thing you don’t even take the time to notice during the day, that is enough to keep your heart beating enables you to be connected into a body/mind system experiencing life. Breathing is just a miracle on it’s own …I stayed there just observing the little abyss of drama my mind had created to float in, feeling misery and sadness for a while! And then I smiled realizing how human beings enjoy creating this ‘’no way out’’ situations to ourselves and feeding of our drama. I truly believe its a needed thing, cause somehow it makes us re-boot and re-motivate ourselves just to give us a sense of accomplishment after. Isn’t that funny?

  Suddenly I had an idea! It was then that I decided that summer I would take a two month solo trip, making it my own retreat, studying the essence of Patanjali’s scripture ‘’The Yoga Sutras’’ reflected on my everyday experiences and life and write about it. And what a better way than doing this while cycling for two months?

 Cycling is a really concentrating practice for me, definitely takes me out of my comfort zone, keeps my mind clear, and pushes my limits and discipline in a healthy way without introducing any kind of competition. Like an asana … on wheels 🙂 Having the opportunity to camp in nature, keep up with my healthy lifestyle, staying away from big cities as much as possible, and challenge myself to stay committed to my everyday yoga practice on the mat while being on the road, taking some time to turn my senses inwards. I wanted to make this journey a ‘’constant moving meditation’’ and see if I could find more answers there.

This is when ”The Cycling Sutras” took form for the first time….

 After the coming back from this trip, I met my boyfriend, and while being together for a very difficult year, on September of 2016 we decided to go cycling around the world… Covering a distance of more than 15.000 km within the first 2 years starting from Netherlands, reaching Greece and continue to the depths of Asia, just by turning those two wheels beneath our feet!

Crazy idea for some, inspiring for others? This was our way to show that riding a bike around the world can be the best way to spread the message of effort, unity … inspire change, and experience cultures and people from a different perspective… It’s not vacation, is not just travelling … it’s raising awareness!
To give extra motive to this plan and make someone else’s life easier too, we decided to combine this journey with fundraising money for the ”smile of the child” organization in Greece, providing shelter and care for children, protecting their rights, giving them education and a reason to … smile again 🙂

But my moto in life to keep my focus towards impermanence is …  ”Man makes plans and the gods are laughing … ”’

And when there is no right foundation to take such an important step with another person, when all the signs of the universe, showing you chose the wrong path, and now it’s costing you your emotional and mental health, and is more of an ”act to save what might be there”…

Hitting your face on the wall will be an inevitable result of the blindfolding attitude you chose to have lately! You have the option to let it destroy you, or

see it as the realization that will lead to a beautiful transformation.

During the first 6 months of my trip a lot of things had already changed:

– I got diagnosed with Chondropathie on my left knee, an auto-immune condition that your body is not able to regenerate cartilage, leading to terrible pain and malfunction when not protected or overused…

– While being in Czech republic for winter, I found out we had to go back to Netherlands asap, to leave the house and take care of my stuff and my cat, cause my landlord decided he wanted to occupy it himself.

-And finally facing reality and facts I had to let go of the person I loved, led ”The Cycling Sutras” to a solo project once more. It was me, Jack (my bike) and the road again.

 Although I have no energy left in me whatsoever … I have to get back up and move on! Facing my fears, accepting what life is teaching me right now, restore my energy and gather back the pieces, and soon, I will take up from where I left off , and let the road be a new positive adventure!

Good or bad? Things always happen for a reason!
And this journey has already taught me a lot about the unexpected turns and twists of life… adjustment, compassion, facing fears, but most important : ACCEPTANCE & LETTING GO!

The Cycling Sutras project is not only about my experience of cycling-touring and being on ”the road”. It’s also about how this has been reflected in my life, how I fell down and how I’ve risen back up through any given circumstances to meet myself and the world surrounding me again with ”clear eyes” and warm honesty.

So thank you so much for keeping up with my adventures, for your support and love and for taking time to read this, for being you! 🙂