The Smile of The Child Cause

The Cycling Sutras &  The smile of the child

So yeah! I decided to continue travelling around the world on my bike … !!! Covering a distance of more than 15.000 km within a couple of years, starting from Netherlands, reaching Greece and continue to the depths of Asia just turning the two wheels beneath my feet!
Crazy idea for some, inspiring for others? This is my way to show that riding a bike around the world can be the best way to spread the message of effort, unity … inspire change, and experience cultures and people from a different perspective… It’s not vacation, is not just travelling … it’s raising awareness! And I need your help!

To find motivation to keep my pedals turning while facing the difficulties of the road ahead I am  dedicating this adventure to help raising money for The Smile Of The Child.

With ”The Smile of the Child” on my side, and your support we can raise money to make more children smile, dream and hope!
Clicking the picture below you can donate directly to the organisation and support the cause!

Your donation goes directly to the ”Smile of the Child” and I have no involvement with it!!! Don’t forget when making your donation to mention ”The cycling sutras” so the organization knows how much fundraising has been achieved!!!

If you wish to support me as well by funding my trip/effort, you are most welcome to do that in my crowdfunding page! Me and Jack my bike, are very grateful for your support!